Who we are
Dark Stream is a multi style studio for advertisement, publishing and entertainment. Founded in 2020 we are here to tell our own stories while taking projects that speaks to us.
We stand for a world free of racism and any type of discrimination among people. To achieve that, art, design and illustration plays an active roll on society. 
We don't think it's cool to work overnights, or holidays, or weekends. We respect ourselves as much as any project that we assume to do. That's why the path we follow is communication, respect and clarity.
Douglas Lopes is graduated in Advertisement experienced in graphic design and illustration skills. Founder and illustrator at Dark Stream, his art is all about inspiring people to get out of the bed, give them a moment of peaceful breath to get back to life and defend what they stand for.
Vitória is a visual artist, experienced in engraving, murals, both digital and traditional mediums. Illustrator at Dark Stream, she is an encyclopedia of art references, always looking for new possibilities of craft.
What We Do
We believe in projects, and above that, we believe in people and their stories. Doesn't matter if is a children's book, animation, poster, book cover, engraving, oil, watercolor, 3D or vector. Or if it is for advertisement, publishing, entertainment.
We translate ideas into visuals. 
How we do
We study. A lot. We read. We read it again. We read another stuff. We discuss. We gather references, not the Pinterest ones, the ones only us can produce. We take pictures, we use fresh paint, we take it to computer.
No matter how, we will always deliver artworks we are proud of.
Prizes, Awards and Nominations
Under 30 - Forbes BR List 2021 \\ Category: "Architecture, Design and Urbanism"
Forbes Afrofuturism - Bronze Medal @ Brazil Design Award 2021 \\ Category: Craft for design (illustration)
Existe Outro Caminho (comic book) - Shortlist @ HQ Mix2020  \\ Category: Independent Author Publication
Os Cem Mil Reinos - shortlist @ Latin America Design Awards 2022 \\ Category: illustration
O Último Ancestral - shortlist @ Latin America Design Awards 2022 \\ Category: illustration
Area 23, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Insight Editions, Forbes, HarperCollins, Editora Abril, GQ Magazine, Editora Galera, Bleacher Report (B\R Kicks), Hype Animation, Vetor Zero, Editora Nacional and many more.

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