Hi, I'm Douglas. Passionate for illustration since I was born and working with it since 2017. For me, illustration is about inspire people to change their perspective over the world and be able to dream with a better future. I draw so people can keep their hope alive.
I'm internationally represented by Illo Agency, and nationally (Brazil's territory) I'm represented by OIO Agency.
What I do
Illustration (book cover, poster, advertisement)
Storyboard (music video, animation, live action)
Key Visual (advertisement)
Motion design

Prizes, Awards and Nominations
Under 30 - Forbes BR List 2021 \\ Category: "Architecture, Design and Urbanism"
Forbes Afrofuturism - Bronze Medal @ Brazil Design Award 2021 \\ Category: Craft for design (illustration)
Existe Outro Caminho (comic book) - Shortlist @ HQ Mix2020  \\ Category: Independent Author Publication
Os Cem Mil Reinos - shortlist @ Latin America Design Awards 2022 \\ Category: illustration
O Último Ancestral - shortlist @ Latin America Design Awards 2022 \\ Category: illustration
Area 23, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Insight Editions, Forbes, HarperCollins, Mc Donald's, Editora Abril, O Boticário, The Intercept BR, GQ Magazine, Editora Galera, Bleacher Report (B\R Kicks), Voz das Comunidades, Hype Animation, Vetor Zero, Editora Nacional and many more.

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