Hi, I'm Douglas. Passionate for illustration since I was born and working with it since 2017. For me, illustration is about inspire people to change their perspective over the world and be able to dream with a better future. I draw so people can keep their hope alive.​​​​​​​
If you're interested let's have a chat! Feel free to reach me out by the form bellow or via hello@darkstream.cc.
Clients I've had work with
Emicida, Mc Donald's, O Boticário, The Intercept BR, GQ Magazine, Forbes, Pedro Pastel & Besouro (Grammy), Editora Record, HarperCollins Brasil, Positivo Soluções Didáticas, Editora Moderna, Jão (Brazilian singer), Bleacher Report, Voz das Comunidades, Black Madre (Guaraná, Adidas, Nubank)

Thank you!
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