Kacen Callender is a brilliant American author. They first book "Hurricane Child", won the Stonewall Book of 2019, Kirkus Best Book of 2018 and Lambda Literary Award of 2019. "King and the Fireflies" is a story about a young boy unveiling hard truths about his brother (who passed away) in a conflict between himself and the society around him.
For this special project, I developed the book cover illustration, title and diagramming and the poster. 

Cover graphic project and illustration:
Douglas Lopes

Editora Nacional
Editor: Ricardo Lelis
Editorial assistant: Júlia Tourinho
Editorial Support: Juliana Bojczuk
Editorial Intern: Emily Macedo
Art Coordinator: Juliana Ida
Art Assistant: Daniel Mascellani, Vitor Castrillo
Designer: Valquíria Palma
Marketing Manager: Carolina Della Nina
Marketing Analist: Flávio Lima, Heila Lima
Marketing Internship: Agatha Noronha
Diagramming: Vitor Castrillo
Prep: Bruna Miranda
Revision: Arthur Ramos, Lavínia Rocha

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