Eliah, a young car thief, has to use his ancestral powers to fight for his people. But he doesn't know that a bigger tread is yet to emerge. Ale Santos, the author, and activist, reinvents the Brazil in a dystopian future with several parallels with real world, from favelas, to religion and carnival, social issues, like racism and segregation. 
I had the amazing pleasure and opportunity to collaborate in this project with the great comic book artist Rafael Albuquerque, who did the amazing art for the cover and I got to colorize. And also was a huge challenge to create the map, long hours drawing every street and location.

Client: HaperCollins Brasil
Cover illustration: Rafael Albuquerque
Cover colors and design: Douglas Lopes
Map: Douglas Lopes
Editor: Diana Szylit

Ⓒ All rights reserved to HarperCollins Brasil

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