Art Director: Raife Salles
Illustrator: Douglas Lopes

Voz das Comunidades is an independent newspaper from Rio de Janeiro, made by and for people lives in favelas. As a volunteer I often have the honor to illustrate an special date or article. Here are my favorites (so far).
Black Consciousness Day 
For this very special Holliday in Brazil, I portrayed Zumbi and Dandara, two (among others) historical black leaders against slavery. I also added a bird called "Bem-te-vi", well known for sing in the morning a beautiful and hopeful song. Also I added dumbcane ("Comigo-ninguém-pode") linked to Saint George (or Ogum) and rue (arruda), known for concentrate the bad energy of the place and leave it as bright as possible.
New Year
I wanted to portrait - once again - the good wishes and inspiration, as a moment of deep breath before the struggles of day to day life.
Teacher's Day
A tribute to those whose made us dream and believe in ourselves. 
Motoboy's Day
Known for be up early already in the streets, delivering food, documents and anything asked.
How entertain the kids during the quarentine
A problem that showed up in the first weeks of the pandemic, due to size of the houses and the number of persons who lives there, is how to maintain moral and good spirit? So I went back to my childhood and portrait a common scene of my early years.
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