In this series, I'm building a society based on the horoscope. So, I research the basic description of each one, and then I imagine it as person in a role, part of a very structured civilization. 

For this type, could be nothing else than the roller, the higher representation of power. Also my father is the Leo sign, so I always saw him as it.
I'm pisces so it was easy for me, especially as an artist. In this context, I imagine the pisces type as the people responsible for culture and specially, produce stories and keep the memories of the ancients (not as historians, but as storytellers).
I love this retro futurist aesthetic, a bit of steampunk, a bit of the 60's. It's kind o f all my references together and how I found out to combine them.
I also did a little animation for this one, learned a lot.
As resilient, focused and brilliant people, I though them as the high guard, for not being violent but tough. And for that, a samurai seems the perfect representation.
I did a different type of animation, always wanted to try this.
I've haven't saved the process but I did capture it in the video below
The sagittarius people I know are natural born travelers. What is the most brave traveller that we've known? Astronauts! Of course. In this civilization they're the one taking risks for us in order to discover our neighbors far in the sky. 
Here I also present this past-future aesthetics. It's not touch or digital, what he have is buttons and mechanical stuff. I like to imagine other ways than ours to push technology further.
Thanks for watching! 
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